Why vote for Kashef Qaadri?

I stand to represent you honorably and make your voice heard. Growing our community to greater heights from the day I am elected is my top priority. In order to do so, I will focus on three areas: Safety & Traffic, Resilience & Preparedness, and Economic & Environmental Sustainability. There is no doubt our town will flourish when these three key elements are analyzed and evaluated at a deeper level. Let’s grow together!


The safety of our community is my top priority- whether you are taking a stroll in the park, driving to work, or taking kids to school; we must eliminate traffic clusters that can cause time delays or accidental mishaps affecting our community. I will explore innovative solutions and leveraging proven technologies to address these issues.


From COVID-19 to the current fires, it is critical to be proactive rather than reactive. I plan to use data driven methods, such as, identifying gaps, analyzing potential solutions, and specifically addressing each finding. This will ensure our community is better prepared and well equipped to be resilient in any circumstance.


Economic and environmental sustainability is critical to keep our community developing, for current and future generations. Enhancing upon what we have in place as well as attracting new business should be our goal. As city councilman, I will see the importance in needing a valuable center of activity in Dublin, to act as a catalyst to direct growth within our existing urban footprint-to promote a more active and viable lifestyle.

Meet Kashef — your
next city councilman

Kashef has always believed there is only one way to achieve goals and make a difference, to roll up his sleeves, find a solution, and get the job done. He’s delivered on this mantra throughout his career at several growth-stage and established companies. Kashef currently serves in and has previously held multiple leadership roles including business development, commercial operations, strategic planning, and product development. Kashef will leverage his vast and deep business experience to drive stronger fiscal responsibility, collaborate with neighboring cities/towns, and employ smart solutions- all working toward his goal of boosting the livelihoods of Dublin residents.


Kashef cares a great deal about Dublin and is regularly active in trying to make it better for everyone.  The quality most important to us in a city council member is one of listening to the voices of the community and supporting our interests. Kashef has demonstrated this trait through many examples of advocating for others across different issues and platforms.

Ronald Wellendorf
Dublin Resident, Retired Air Force Vet


I've known Kashef for many years now and he is deeply committed to helping Dublin prosper and meet the demands of the future. He is visionary, smart, and creative - with a very engaging personality. I’m confident Kashef will deliver on his promise to make Dublin safe, resilient, and sustainable!

Fredy Kadva
Dublin Resident, Business Leader


I would define Kashef as the model citizen who is empathetic, motivated and always ready to lend a hand. He is eager to listen, quick to learn your viewpoint, willing to adapt and passionate about the well being of our community. I have full faith in his interpersonal and business management skills to be an effective leader and a reliable member of our City Council.

Annie Baig
Dublin Resident, Realtor

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